Programming Is For Everyone: a way to understand software development as easily as baking a cake recipe

Programming Is For Everyone: a way to understand software development as easily as baking a cake recipe

Book cover in English In this book, I present you a simple way to face computer programming. I believe many are incapable of developing their little programs because the way they were taught can be too intimidating. Based in the way I learned to program, I offer a new way to look at the software development activity. The focus of this work is not, by any means, to replace the traditional academic ways for Computer Science students. However, it may be useful even for them, who are just getting started in their careers.

In the book, I deal with the way I approach computer programming myself, which help me develop small applications that speed up both workplace and personal every day activities.

Currently, I have yet little pages written. I could say I have more of a skeleton of the book, rather than nice content. I intend to offer this in both electronic and paper versions. This article will be updated regularly, keeping you informed about the progress of this work, until I finally get able to publish it.

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Andre Soeiro

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Andre Soeiro

Andre Soeiro (1976) was born in Brasilia, Brazil. Grew up in Brasilia, and came to America through an Inter-cultural Student Exchange program. He studied in both Lakewood High School (1993, Hebron, OH) and Mentor High School (1994, Mentor, OH), where he got his High School diploma. Returned to Brasilia, Brazil, and enrolled in an Electrical Engineering course at the Universidade de Brasilia, a State owned university. He currently works as a Planning Engineer in Eletrobras Eletronorte, a State Power Utility company. It had always been a dream of his to become a writer, but it was only when his wife had become pregnant of his first child that he found a true motivation inside his heart to begin writing.

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