About Image Ok, this is the time I am going to talk about me. First of all, I like writing. Always liked to. Never before had the nerves or will to do so in a more professional way. But I always liked to write. I intended to become a writer and take a University course like Journalism. And that was ever since I was a very small kid, around eight years old.

Oh well, everything was just fine, until a computer came into my way: a Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer, the TRS-80 Coco. I enjoyed it while it lasted. One day, it broke up, and nobody in my town could fix it. That got me mad, and I promised I would study Electrical Engineering so that I could fix that. Then, I actually went on learning things on electronics, bought some magazines that talked about it. I then put together some small circuits from those magazines. I actually had some fun seeing blinking lights and listening to some controlled but also irritant noises that came out of those circuits!

Time just went on, and I went to the United States as an exchange student. Studied in two schools in the State of Ohio, that live deep into my heart up to this day. I have memories from them as if had just happened yesterday. Need to mention them here:

  • Lakewood High School, in Hebron, OH, class of 1994. Studied only from August '93 until January '94, if I can recall it. The host parents' house was in Thornville, OH.

  • Mentor High School, in Mentor, OH, class of 1994. As soon as I moved from Thornville, OH, I was very well received by Mr. Dan Litzinger, my counselor. Trust me, I would not remember his name like this if his help and motivation did not push me up higher, as it still does today.

Back to my biography, I put my writing career on hold when there were about three months to end my exchange student program. I got a phone call from home, and my brother was telling me that a college test (similar to the ACT and SATs) was about to close the sign in period. He then offered me to sigh in for me, if I wanted to. All I needed was to mail him an authorization document and he'd do this in my behalf. I said it was fine, and he just answered me saying: "Electrical Engineering, right?". I confess that induced me to just say "Right", and, here I am, bachelor in Electrical Engineering, having worked around 18 years in the area. Professionally, I never left computers either, and know quite a few programming languages and techniques.

All that to say that until this year of 2018, all my writing had only been to machines. Ok, I will always write to machines, that will never stop. But this year I decided to begin writing to people, and rescue my eight-year-old dream of becoming an author.

Thanks for visiting me, and hope you enjoy my website and my writings.

Andre Soeiro